March 21, 2017

New Campaign Will Make Food Safer

WASHINGTON – Every five years, the government passes an almost-trillion-dollar piece of legislation that profoundly impacts food and farm policy. For decades, big agribusiness has dominated the process, with its interests taking precedence over public health and the environment. Today, to reclaim the debate, the Environmental Working Group and Food Policy Action Education Fund are launching the Plate of the Union campaign. It aims to awaken a new audience of American consumers to become activists for policies that make food safer, make healthy food more accessible and make food production better for our environment. The new initiative will deploy grassroots […]
August 7, 2016

If I Can’t Pronounce It, Should I Be Eating It?

I’m sitting here at my desk reading the label on my boxed nutritional shake. Are you a label reader too? I have noticed lately that we are being bombarded with ads in grocery stores and magazines about the contents of our food. Now these messages are finding their way into our homes via commercials and Network Specials concerning “the state of our food”.  How much corn syrup is too much?  What are the benefits of Free Range Chickens over steroid-filled poultry? Are preservatives harmful?  I’ll do my best to answer these questions for you. Are we consuming too much corn […]