Eating Well Resources

FoodTrients has compiled a list of sources, each unique in their approach to solving food, diet, health questions and more, and broken them into different categories. Here are some healthy food resources for you:

Where to shop



Online shopping with a great selection of groceries and gourmet food that are hard to find in local stores.

Barry Farm

Barry Farm is an internet retail grocer specializing in unusual and bulk foods that offers a wide variety of groceries available in single or bulk sizes.

For over three decades, Bob’s Red Mill has been providing quality grains, beans, seeds and baking goods. It’s this passion for providing the best nutritional whole grains that has helped make Bob’s Red Mill one of the leading names in health foods.

Bragg Live Food Products produces natural and organic food products and food supplements, including high-quality Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink products. Under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Bragg, the company is committed to producing products that are completely safe and that promote good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Bragg’s uses only U.S. organically grown apples that are USDA certified organic to make its Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and products.

Eden is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods. Over 95% of EDEN foods are sold in natural food stores, co-ops, and supermarkets via traditional natural and grocery distribution channels, web site, employee, and wholesale sales make up the remainder. Eden buys all food from farmers, and pays farms directly getting more cash to them. Most is grown a few miles to a few hundred miles from home base.

Fresh herbs and spices make a difference when added to any meal: their flavor, color, aroma. Let’s be honest, when you are busy, particularly during the week, fresh herbs aren’t practical. Avoid wilt guilt… no more throwing out countless bunches of slimy blackened and wilted herbs after only a few days. These herbs, which are GMO-free, stay fresh for weeks with no waste so you can have a herb garden at your fingertips every day.

Over 1000 items available at any given time, Melissa’s imports and distributes a full line of organic and exotic fresh fruits and vegetables from around the globe. Located in the Vernon district of Los Angeles, CA.


Penzeys offers wonderful spices, herbs, and seasonings from around the globe – curries from India, cinnamon’s from Indonesia, chiles from New Mexico and India, vanillas from Madagascar and Mexico, and other delightful spices for salads and baking.

Plant Delights

Plant Delights Nursery is an award winning online nursery in Raleigh, NC, specializing in rare, and unusual perennials. At any time, this website has over 1700 online plants for sale. Many of their nurseries plants are available nowhere else in the U.S. as they represent rare plants collected by Plant Delights founder Tony Avent during his more than 60 plant hunting expeditions to places like China, Crete, Taiwan, South Africa and Argentina or distributed by some of the many specialty plant organizations of which Plant Delights is a member. Plant Delights sells ashitaba and moringa plants, both of which are loaded with age-fighting benefits and are ingredients I like to use in some of my recipes like my Shrimp and Moringa Curry, Grilled Artichokes with Moringa Dip, Moringa Muffins and Ashitaba Potato Salad (both recipes in my new cookbook – The AGE BEAUTIFULLY Cookbook).

Roland Foods

For 80 years Roland Foods has provided customers with exceptional gourmet food. Our dedication to providing quality and consistency has made us a leader amongst specialty food importers and suppliers. They offer artisanal pastas and sauces; condiments and spices; chocolates and desserts; snacks, grains, vegetables, seafood. and more. You’ll find many of their products on Amazon.

Farmer’s Markets


Certified Farmers’ Market (Northern California)

The California Farmers’ Markets Association is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation providing Certified Farmers’ Markets for the Bay Area since 1994. The California Farmers’ Markets are known for their ability to showcase high quality, trend setting fruits and vegetables which have provided a source of education for numerous food editors and writers around the country who come to the Farmers’ Markets just to learn about the new explosion of varieties that are offered.

Southland Farmers’ Market Association

The Southland Farmers’ Market Association is a resource for Certified Farmers’ Markets in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino County. There are more than 360 certified farmers’ markets in California and the number continues to grow each year. Certified farmers’ markets must be operated as a community service by a non-profit organization, local public agency or California certified growers. Southland offers assistance to markets and growers with marketing, promotions, member services, legislative advocacy and self-enforcement programs.

Local Harvest

LocalHarvest connects people looking for good food with the farmers who produce it. Buying local is about enjoying real food, grown or purchased from people you can trust. It’s about developing strong local economies and producing food on a human scale. It’s about eating seasonally, practicing the art of cooking, and sitting down to enjoy meals together. It requires ample local and regional producers, processors, and distributors.

Is it safe to eat?


Monterey Bay Seafood Watch

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program helps consumers and businesses make choices for healthy oceans. Their recommendations indicate which seafood items are “Best Choices,” “Good Alternatives,” and which ones you should “Avoid.” Free downloadable guides for safe seafood.

Calculate Mercury Content in Fish & Seafood

Eating seafood high in mercury is hazardous to your health, especially for women and children. The “Got Mercury?” calculator helps you make healthier seafood choices. The Turtle Island Restoration Network mobilizes people to restore oceans, preserve rivers and streams, and protect the marine wildlife that call these blue-green waters home.


Complete nutritional analysis of the foods you eat, including estimated Glycemic Load, Inflammation Rating, Fullness Factor, Protein Quality, and a complete breakdown of vitamins, minerals, omega-3s and more.

Great websites


Eat Well Guide

Launched in 2003, The Eat Well Guide has thousands of listings including restaurants, farms, farmers’ markets, stores and more. Search by location and/or category, or check out our city guides to find tailored listings for restaurants and other sustainable vendors in cities across the US.

Eating Well — Where good taste meets good health.

Website and magazine provides content to Real Age. “Healthy in a Minute videos.” The Eating Well Media Group is a fast-growing, independent communications company producing an award-winning national consumer magazine, high-quality food and nutrition-related books, a content-rich website, e-mail newsletters, and serving content to strategic partners with other electronic media. The EatingWell management and editorial team includes former editors, recipe developers, nutrition advisors, circulation and production staff who helped launch the original EatingWell Magazine in 1990. Core senior members of the staff have a cumulative total of more than 240 years of magazine, book and web publishing experience among them, with more than 100 national and international awards for writing, editing, art direction, creative marketing and publishing excellence.

America’s Favorite Farmers Markets

The nation’s leading conservation organization dedicated to saving America’s farm and ranch land, promoting environmentally sound farming practices and supporting a sustainable future for farms. Since its founding in 1980 by a group of farmers and citizens concerned about the rapid loss of farmland to development, American Farmland Trust has helped save millions of acres of farmland from development and led the way for the adoption of conservation practices on millions more.

Alltop — Organic

You can think of Alltop as the “online magazine rack” of the web. They’ve subscribed to thousands of sources to provide “aggregation without aggravation.” To be clear, Alltop pages are starting points—they are not destinations per se. Ultimately, their goal is to enhance your online reading by displaying stories from sources that you’re already visiting plus helping you discover sources that you didn’t know existed.

Medicare Advantage

Diabetes Resources. National programs for diabetes, education and financial help. The information is designed to serve as a senior’s guide to living with diabetes. Also included is a list of helpful resources for further education, treatment and tools that older adults may utilize in their life with diabetes.

Great Food Apps - Free Food Apps


Grocery iQ

Allows you to create shopping lists easily by scanning bar codes from your pantry, make store-specific lists, and organize by store aisles for easy navigation. Searches for coupons online and organizes your coupons by printing or emailing them to your phone. Auto-suggest: Start typing and Grocery IQ will suggest grocery items you can quickly select. Barcode scanning: Take a picture of a barcode with your iPhone camera to add an item to your list. Favorites and History: Add frequently- or previously-purchased items to your list with just a few taps. Create lists for different grocery stores: Add items to a specific list or to your “Any Store” list. Add item details: Enter product quantity, package size, price and more. Organize items by grocery store aisle: Grocery iQ automatically sorts your list so you can easily navigate the store. Coupons by category: Click on an aisle from your list to view coupons related to that category. Coupon gallery: Find over a hundred coupons for your favorite brands. Print or email coupons: Print coupons or email coupons directly from Grocery iQ. Savings Card: Add store coupons directly to your Savings Card. Instant list synchronization: Keep shared lists up to date. Any changes made to a list on one device will automatically be reflected on the other(s). Email your lists: Email grocery lists at your convenience.

Epicurious (Free)

Recipes & Shopping List allows users to browse and search their 25,000 professionally created recipes, toggling between an easy-to-view shopping format, and a cooking format that shows one instruction step at a time. Browse the most popular featured recipe collections, from Weeknight Dinners to Cool Cocktails. Your device will be automatically updated with all of the latest recipes. Search food or drink recipes by keyword, or swipe through icons on the Search screen to filter by what’s in your fridge, what’s healthy, what’s in season, what holidays are coming up, and more. Save recipes to your personal Favorites list. Shop on the go by saving recipes to your Shopping List. At the store, check off items as you shop. Cook with help from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch: The app offers cooking-friendly views that make it easy to follow a recipe step-by-step Email your lists: Email grocery lists at your convenience.

UCook (free)

“Savings Center” allows you to create a shopping list and print out coupons for your next shopping trip. “On Sale” section where you can find local grocery stores and see the great deals they have going on each week. Ucook has more than 60,000 free recipes – all created, tested and reviewed by our experienced staff.

Healthy Recipes by Spark Recipes (free)

Looking to lose weight and save money? Cooking at home is one of the easiest ways SparkPeople members do both! Our Healthy Recipes application lets you browse and search more than 190,000 recipes, plus save your favorites. You can browse by course, ethnicity, preparation time, and more. We also provide calories, carbs, and 10 other key nutrients for each recipe. In addition to searching and browsing recipes, you can also see recipe and cooking technique videos from our resident healthy cooking expert, Chef Meg. These videos will show you how to cook some of’s most popular healthy recipes.

Jamie Oliver’s 20-Minute Meals ($7.99)

Jamie’s Recipes is a free app to download, but charges for additional content packs. A free taster pack consisting of thirteen free recipes and three videos is included to get you started. Additional themed content packs are available to purchase on-demand from within the app, each containing at least 10 recipes and some video. You can: Create a shopping list which you can then edit and add to Browse by recipe name or recipe type Shake the app to get a random recipe Watch Jamie demonstrate cooking skills and recipes in over 90 minutes of video clips Listen to helpful hints from Jamie while you cook to keep you on track Look through lists of all the equipment and ingredients you need to get your kitchen kitted out with the basics. Anything you’re missing can be added to your shopping list.

Locavore (free)

What is it? Locavore is the peer to peer food network, it is a place to sell, trade and share produce, meals and ideas with the other members of the marketplace. It’s a platform for you to monetize your existing awesome spaces to host a meal, or an event. It’s a place for you to list your expert services in helping other create their amazing urban farms. It’s a global platform intended to connect you to local farms, backyard growers, urban farmers, foodscapers, chefs , bakers, butchers and beeswax candlestick makers. It’s completely free join, browse and post listings, we do however charge a commission for sale transactions made through the platform . How is this any different from my website? For vendors, gives you a platform to market your produce and services, to a global audience. Our rating and reviews system helps build trust with your customers. For shoppers, makes it super easy to find produce as locally as possible, simply search your location. It works wherever you are in the world… How much does it cost? It’s free to list your items, pop-up shops, services and to make purchases – we charge a small commission (5%) for sales made through the platform (less than an offline farmers market stall) plus we are online 24 hours a day. Why should I join? The more people that join this platform, the more your online reach will sky-rocket; we are the go-to application for truly local food shopping. We’ve simplified the process of listing your produce online, it’s super easy to find and purchase the freshest food from your mobile (or PC)

Kitchen Calculator Pro ($2.99)

Kitchen Calculator PRO iPhone App makes cooking and measuring so much easier. Kitchen Calculator PRO does all the recipe conversions for you, and makes it simple to scale recipes up (or down) to change the number of servings the recipe yields: Quickly scale your recipes (add, subtract, multiply, divide) using fractions! Convert ingredients from weight to volume (grams to cups, etc.) Supports several volume, weight, distance, and temperature conversions Enter amounts and view results in cooking fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc) Grow a database with your favorite ingredients! (see weight to volume)


Making even small changes to our diets, such as consuming a little less salt and added sugar and eating less fat (particularly saturated fat) and energy (kilojoules) could prevent many health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and type 2 diabetes. This could in turn help reduce the incidence of heart attacks, strokes and some cancers. Starting in the supermarket aisle, the FoodSwitch App empowers you with access to information to help you make informed decisions about what you eat. By scanning the barcode of a food item, FoodSwitch presents you with immediate, easy-to-understand information about that product’s nutritional make-up. Results are presented as either a simple ‘Health Star Rating’ which scores a food between 0.5 stars (least healthy) to 5 stars (healthiest), or as color-coded ‘traffic light’ icons that show key nutrients as green (good), amber (so-so), and red (bad). FoodSwitch also presents a list of similar foods that are healthier alternatives.

Everyday Fitness (free)

Featuring 79 fitness videos and 25 actionable articles and tips, the application helps you reach your fitness goals anytime, anywhere. Providing multi-disciplinary fitness, yoga, Pilates, flexibility, strength, and posture tips and exercises for the beginner, the Canyon Ranch Everyday Fitness iPad application helps you fit fitness into your lifestyle. As the pioneers in the evolution of wellness lifestyle and the industry leader for over 30 years, Canyon Ranch helps you integrate fitness into daily activities. Features: Discover 79 custom, stand-alone videos that can be done anytime, anywhere Read 25 actionable articles and tips Learn multi-discipline fitness, yoga, Pilates, flexibility, strength, and posture exercises and tips for the fitness enthusiasts Add Videos and Articles videos and articles to your favorites with a single click to return with ease Simplify the beginner’s integration into fitness with a point-of-entry Reinvigorate with Today’s Choice. Every day at 8am, a different article or video is highlighted

WebMD (Free)

Check your symptoms, access drug & treatment information, get first aid essentials, and check local health listings on the go, from the most trusted brand in health information. Key Features Include: WebMD Symptom Checker – Select the part of the body that is troubling you, choose your symptoms, & learn about potential conditions or issues. First Aid Essentials – Your handy guide for medical emergencies. From insect stings to broken bones, helpful treatment tips are always available, even without an Internet connection. Conditions – Find medically reviewed information about Conditions relevant to you & learn more about causes, treatments, & related symptoms. Drugs & Treatments – Search our extensive database for information on Drugs, Supplements, & Vitamins. Access content such as Uses, Side Effects, Warnings, and more. Pill Identification Tool – Identify your prescription drugs and over the counter medicines by pill shape, color, & imprint. Local Health Listings – Find the closest physician, hospital, & pharmacy based on your current location or search by city, state or zip.

Healthy in a Hurry (free)

Healthy in a Hurry is a well-edited selection of 200 of EatingWell’s best and fastest recipes. Tips, cuisine type, straightforward instructions and authoritative nutritional information make this a standout collection. Unlike AllRecipes or iFood or single topic cookbook Apps, these are professionally written and tested recipes, with diverse ethnic and ingredient appeal, and no processed food advertising. Superior user interface and easy, healthy gourmet recipes is a delicious cooking combo you won’t find anywhere else!App Features: Preloaded recipes for instant and offline access, no downloading Premium recipes developed by EatingWell experts Fast recipes: no prep longer than 45 minutes, many ready in just 15 minutes! Full nutritional information for each recipe Sorted by course category Filter by Main Ingredient and by Total Time Luscious professional food photography, viewable full-screen! E-mail to a friend to do the shopping! Flag your Favorites! Recipe of the Day makes choosing easy!

Fitness Free: (Free App)

Keep fit with the help of a huge exercise base compiled by pros! FEATURES: More than 300 exercises grouped according to body parts, muscles and equipment. 3 FREE ready-made workouts – inside the app. log your achievements for each exercise during every session and review the logs when you need. Quick Recipes mode: choose from a list of ready-made programs to fit your goal. Fast Mode: create and edit your own program quickly and efficiently. The app will automatically resume from the interrupted exercise if you have to receive a call or SMS. 2 measurement systems: metric or imperial – choose either you are used to.