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Gluten-Free Fast Food Options

“Convenience” probably isn’t a word you’re used to. In fact, you could probably drive past dozens of casual restaurants and fast food chains before you found a place where you felt it was safe to eat a gluten-free meal or snack. While nobody should eat fast food very often, many of us unfortunately find ourselves in situations where we need to eat quickly and inexpensively, and we need to attempt a gluten-free meal at a fast food restaurant. If you’re following a gluten-free diet, you can be tempted to lower your guard at these restaurants. Allergen information can be tough […]

5 Foods to Lead Your Gluten-Free Low Calorie Journey

Calories are our main source for energy, yet when we’re forced to start eating a gluten-free diet, we can face a new set of challenges where calories are concerned. For one thing, pre-packaged foods that are gluten-free can also be very high in sugar, meaning they have a lot of “empty” calories. Let’s take a look at how to determine the total number of calories you need each day. Then we’ll provide you with 5 gluten-free foods to base your low-calorie diet around. The Basal Metabolic Rate: How to Calculate Your Caloric Needs How many calories do you need each […]

5 Best New Gluten-Free Snacks

If you follow a gluten-free diet religiously (which for most of you is an absolute must), you’ll know that new gluten-free snacks are a fun find. Luckily, they’ve become a lot easier to find, but for the gluten-free veteran, it still never fails to excite. And if you’re new to a gluten-free diet, you’re likely navigating your way through the discovery process and are lacking a strong list of snacks you can fall back on. Well, we’re here for you. Periodically, we just can’t help but talking up our newest and favorite gluten-free snacks. And today is another one of those […]

15 Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas for the Home or Office

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A balanced gluten-free breakfast can provide the fuel and nutrients you need to carry you through the day. Unfortunately, it’s also the meal that you’re most likely to skip.

Gluten-Free Pasta Primer: An Intro to Popular Pasta Types

Learning to navigate the gluten-free aisle at your local grocery can be difficult, and the pasta section can be especially frustrating. Corn noodles? Quinoa? Brown rice? While the ever rising selection of

Feeding the Gut Microbiota

The American Gastroenterological Association issued the following news release: A healthy and balanced diet, as well as probiotics, have been known to be helpful in preserving gastrointestinal health for quite a long time. But it is only recently that the underlying mechanisms have become somewhat clearer. A rapidly increasing body of knowledge promises to further clarify the effects of our daily food on the gut microbiota and to indicate more targeted applications of probiotics in the near future. This was one of the topics presented at the Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit in Miami, FL. On March 8 and 9, 2014, internationally leading […]

Why Gluten-Free Living Is Popular (and Isn’t Just a Fad)

While you and I know that gluten-free isn’t just a passing fad, a lot of people out there ask why gluten-free living is all of a sudden so popular.

7 Essential Steps to a Gluten-Free Meat-Free Diet

Studies show that people who eat vegetarian diets have lower rates of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and lower blood pressure than people who eat meat.

Introducing Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookies…

As some of you may know, this past year graced us with some exciting news regarding Girl Scout Cookies. For the first time, Girl Scouts are now offering a gluten-free cookie! The cookie, a bite sized, chocolate chip shortbread cookie, boasts no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, palm oil or hydrogenated oils, and of course no gluten. They will come in a 5-ounce re-sealable pouch. This year is a pilot test of the cookie and it will unfortunately only be available through 20 Girl Scout councils (you can click here to find out where). The good […]

The 7 Best Gluten-Free Pizza Delivery Places

There’s nothing like a good pizza. The combination of melted mozzarella, spicy sauce and warm crust is enough to make me drool as I write this. Since cutting gluten out of my diet I have experimented quite a lot (and in my humble opinion, perfected) making gluten-free pizza crust. But to be honest, what I miss the most is coming home after a long day of work and being able to pick up the phone and order a pie when I don’t have the energy to cook. When first starting out on a gluten-free diet, a lot of people think […]