New, Delicious, and Coming To a Store Near You

March marks the last gasp of winter months and the long-awaited annual Natural Products Expo West, the “coming out” party for new products. So once again, the tireless FoodTrients team made its way up and down the miles of aisles at California’s Anaheim Convention Center. READ MORE

Willow Bark Is a Legendary Pain Reliever

Willow bark has an important place in medicine and in human history. Known by many na...
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B12 Is More Critical Than We Thought

Remember when Pac-Man became super powerful after eating power pellets? That’s how vita...
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Poached Salmon

Rice & Quinoa Salad

Jackfruit Delight

Bee Propolis: An Ancient Healer of Many Things

Did you know that one of the oldest folk remedies is something that is probably in your pantry at this very mome...
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Enhance Your Health With Magic Spices

Lately, I’ve been cooking at home more often. And honestly I don’t miss the restaurant food. There are many g...
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TV Show Stars Grace O and FoodTrients

Don’t miss Grace O’s appearance on TV. Recently, she taped four shows as part of a series...
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Biohack Your Way To a More Resilient Brain

What would it feel like to have maximum energy to fuel your brain, your cells, and your ev...
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Skipping A Beat Is No Cause For Alarm. Usually

You might feel them as skipped heartbeats or unusually forceful beats. One friend describes her he...
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Tummy Troubles? How Supplements Can Help

If there’s anything more uncomfortable to discuss than digestive and gut-health issues, it’s the astound...
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Why We All Need FoodTrients

Defy aging with every bite of Grace O’s recipes from FoodTrients. From exotic ingredients from around the world to familiar food favorites, Grace O’s recipe ...
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