Celery Root Mashed Potatoes

Celery Root Mashed Potatos crop475

Celery Root Mashed Potatoes


Celery root (celeriac or knob celery) gets no respect. Sure it’s somewhat ugly, but so are other tubers that grow underground. This mild vegetable is low in carbohydrates, full of fiber, and can pair well with higher-carb vegetables like potatoes. In fact, your guests might not even notice that these mashed potatoes taste any different. Celery root is rich in vitamin K, which helps your blood clot normally (good for your heart, circulation system, and brain). It also has phosphorous, which helps nerves and muscles function properly and strengthens teeth. Potatoes are a surprisingly good source of the skin-protective antioxidant vitamin C.


2 cups cubed celery root, peeled
2 cups cubed Yukon Gold potatoes
½–1 cup buttermilk (depending on desired consistency)
1 Tbs. fresh chives
1 Tbs. fresh chopped parsley
½ sp. salt or salt substitute
½ tsp. crushed garlic

1. Boil the celery root in a large pot of water for 20–30 minutes or until soft.
2. Boil the potatoes in another large pot of water for 15–20 minutes or until soft.
3. Drain and mash the celery root.
4. Drain the potatoes and mash them into the celery root.
5. Fold in the buttermilk, spices, and herbs.

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