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Detoxing: Ultimate Body Tune-Up

When I was growing up, my aunt taught me the value of cleansing my body from toxic substances to prevent illness and help in the healing process. Today we know that uric acid can build up in our joints.

Blood Sugar, Hypertension and Your Brain

Achieving and maintaining a normal weight is always beneficial to your health, no matter what age you are.  It decreases your risk for other obesity-related diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease to name just a few.  But, if you’re middle-aged, ages 40 to 64, there’s one more reason for keeping your weight, and your blood sugar levels normal – protecting your brain health as you get older.  Let me tell you why… These 2 Numbers Can Predict Your Brain Health As You Age If you’re middle-aged and you came to me for a check-up, I would first want to […]

Study Proves It: Salt and Obesity Linked To Premature Aging

If I told you that by cutting out that salty bag of chips or pretzels every day at lunch will help you live longer, would you believe me?  As hard to believe as that may be, it’s true. Too much salt in your diet has recently been found to be associated with faster cellular aging.  Let me tell you more about it… Slow Aging Simply:  Cut Salt Intake, Watch Weight A couple months ago, researchers at Georgia Regents University conducted a study on whether high salt intake contributed to cellular aging.   For their test subjects, they zeroed in on teenagers […]

Can Aging Be Slowed?

Science has not yet found a way to keep us young forever. But there is good news! The latest research on aging reveals that, though we cannot actually stop the ravages of time, we may be able to slow them down. Experts now know that it is not simply inherited genetics that determines who will live the longest in an energetic, disease-free state. By the time humans reach the age of 80, behavioral choices become significant determinants of a person’s overall health and longevity. The article you are about to read examines the mechanisms behind growing old and explains new […]

Toxins in Your Tissues Can Ruin Your Health

I saw a patient the other day who complained of feeling tired all the time. He also said he was getting sick more lately and even when he was well he didn’t really feel good. I suspected immediately that he was suffering from an overworked liver. The symptoms of an overworked liver mimic many other conditions. Thyroid problems, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, and chronic diseases all have similar symptoms, especially in the early stages. Once, I had ruled these out, I was certain the problem lay with the liver. Liver exhaustion leads to a build up of toxins in your […]

Are We All Pre-Diabetic?

Even if a doctor assures you that your blood sugar is “normal,” alarming evidence documents that you are at significant risk of premature death unless you achieve optimal 24-hour-a-day glucose control. Life Extension® long ago warned of the silent dangers when fasting blood sugar exceeds 85 mg/dL. New scientific studies validate this position. Even more insidious are data showing that blood sugar “spikes”that occur after each meal dramatically increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, retinal damage, and cancer. Unless steps are taken to suppress after-meal sugar surges, every large meal you eat can trigger a dangerous metabolic cascade that results in cell damage and accelerated aging. Fortunately, proven methods exist to support optimal […]

Wheat: The Unhealthy Whole Grain

Flip through your parents’ or grandparents’ family albums and you’re likely to be struck by how thin everyone looks. The women probably wore size-four dresses and the men sported 32-inch waists. Overweight was something measured only by a few pounds; obesity rare. Overweight children? Almost never. Any 42-inch waists? Not here. Two-hundred-pound teenagers? Certainly not. The women of that world didn’t exercise much at all. How many times did you see your mom put on her jogging shoes to go out for a three-mile run? Nowadays I go outdoors on any nice day and see dozens of women jogging, riding their bicycles, […]

Halt Sugar-Induced Cell Aging

Diabetics have long been known to age faster than healthy individuals. The mechanism behind the accelerated destruction of cells, tissues, and organs observed in diabetics is called glycation, the dangerous binding of sugars to proteins.1 The resulting sugar-protein complex is known as an advanced glycation end product or AGE. In the laboratory, glycation’s effect on living tissues was found to be identical to the process by which meat is browned when cooked at high temperatures. Healthy proteins also turn brown in the presence of excess glucose and become functionally impaired. Scientists have confirmed that this destructive process may also occur in healthy individuals when blood glucose levels are sustained above 85 mg/dL, […]

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Want to Detox? Try These Top 10 Cleansing Foods!

I love to cook and entertain, especially during the holidays, but this holiday season challenged us all to celebrate differently with Zoom parties, staying at home, and social distancing. For me, baking is a great way to de-stress, and because I believe in indulging friends and family with delicious food, drink and desserts, this year I made my mother’s recipe for fruitcake and my own recipe for biscotti and had them delivered. After a couple of months of holiday meals and baking up a storm, I am ready to start 2022 with a “clean” slate. That calls for some detoxing. […]

EWG Lists Dirty Dozen of Food Additives

  Food additives are substances that become part of a food product when they are added during the processing or making of that food. They are added in an effort to keep products fresh, increase the amount of nutrients and make the food more appealing.