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4 Basic Makeup Tips for a Long Workday

A demanding job that requires long days at work can sometimes feel like a high impact sport for the amount of action that’s involved. Even if you’re able to keep up with the day, sometimes your makeup doesn’t last so long. To keep makeup lasting for up to 12 hours, listen to Jason Ascher, resident makeup guru at Barneys New York, who offers his advice on how and what to apply so you look fresh all day (or night)

Supplements – Take Out Some Nutritional Insurance

Like myself, and most of my patients, you probably have insurance policies on many things – your house, your car, your health, and, most importantly, your life.  Why? Because they give you peace of mind.  They cover, and perhaps even prevent, possible problems that might occur that could cost you a fortune to solve – even cause you to go bankrupt. In the same way, taking supplements – vitamins, minerals, certain herbs on occasion – are like taking out a nutritional insurance policy for yourself.  Like all your other insurances, I feel that supplements offer additional peace of mind that […]

Supermarket Produce Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Elevated blood pressures are often a concern for my over-40 age patients.  Some of them need to take prescription medications to keep blood pressures normal and decrease the risk of stroke.  However, one thing I tell my patients with elevated blood pressures is that there are some natural remedies that can help lower blood pressure.  They’re often surprised to learn that some of these include common produce from your supermarket!  In fact, several of my patients who have tried these foods have either been able to go off their prescription medications or lower their dosage.  Read on to learn about the two […]

The Difference Between Farmed And Wild Seafood

You likely know that you should get the health benefits of more fish in your diet. It’s a primary source of

Jujubes Are Small ‘Apples’ With Big Benefits

The Chinese have been growing and eating jujubes for over 4,000 years. Jujube, or Chinese date, trees are shrub-like with thorny branches. The fruits are shaped like small apples that are green when unripe and turn brownish red. As they ripen and age they wrinkle and shrink to the size of a large date. The flesh of the fruit is most like an apple when it’s unripe. As it ripens it becomes soft and spongy. Asians generally steep slices of jujubes in hot water and make a jujube tea. Sometimes they reduce the tea on the stove and add sugar, […]

Winter Squashes: From Dips to Desserts

Pumpkins are chock full of the FoodTrient carotenoids, which our bodies turn into vitamin A. These nutrients are really good for your skin, hair, eyes, and heart. They also help prevent cancer and support the immune system. Winter squash is also a good source of the FoodTrient fiber, which helps to control the appetite and is good for the digestive tract. So I’m exploring delicious ways to enjoy many interesting fall fruits of the vine: pumpkins, kabocha squash, butternut squash, acorn squash, hubbard squash, and turban squash. At this time of the year, pumpkin pie is very popular. Since I […]

Fruits and Vegetables of November

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, or Bonfire Night as it is known in Britain. What’s interesting is that this is one particular celebration or commemorative day that there does not appear to be any particular food associated with, perhaps because it isn’t an American celebration. We celebrate everything with food. There must be some marshmallows or chestnuts roasting or potatoes baking in those bonfires somewhere. So what foods do we have in season to celebrate with in November? In-season fruit choices include apples, clementines, cranberries, pears and tangerines. Vegetable choices that should be at reasonable prices include Brussels sprouts, […]

5 Smart Make Up Cheats For Those Tired Looking Days

There are some women whose makeup looks fabulous no matter how hectic their days get. Ever wonder what their secret is? We asked Sarah Lazarus, physician’s assistant to New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese, for insider tips. “As someone who works in the medical aesthetic field, appearance is paramount,” says Lazarus. “Every day I am running from the operating room to patient consultations to doing Botox treatments. I have a tight schedule and don’t have time between appointments for touch-ups, so finding products that last and make me look great all day is so important. “I focus my beauty […]

Astaxanthin: An Antioxidant With “Star” Qualities

Many of my patients are on the lookout for anti-aging news and products that will help them stay younger-looking, stronger and healthier as they age.  Perhaps you, too, are looking for the best anti-aging products and information you can find.  Well, you’ve come to the right place, as anti-aging medicine is my specialty. I’d like to tell you about one of the best anti-aging substances out there – literally a “star” amongst antioxidants. Astaxanthin – An Amazing Carotenoid The Greek word “asta” means “star-like” and even has been translated as “love” itself.  Xanthin means yellow in Greek and is a […]

Keep Your Holidays Healthy With Superfoods!

If you’re like most of my patients, you worry that eating all those rich holiday foods in the upcoming weeks will sabotage your diet and healthy-eating efforts.