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Beets: The Vegetable with Anti-Aging Properties

If you’re past 50, you may be wondering what you can do to return the youthful glow to your skin.  As a dermatologist, I know that there are several things you can use on your skin topically to make it look younger, but the #1 thing that influences the way your skin looks is what you put in your body.  So, I’d like to tell you about a common vegetable with some uncommon skin and overall anti-aging benefits that you can reap today! Look Younger, Protect Your Heart and Brain with Beet Juice Researchers are finding out more and more […]

Could You Have Metabolic Syndrome?

Some of the most common health issues my patients face today are weight control, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Did you know that the three of them are related? Yes, they are. They belong to a group of metabolic disorders called “metabolic syndrome” and can put you at risk for developing heart and other diseases!

Smart Foods That Feed Your Brain

When reading Dr. Eric R. Braverman’s book, Younger (Thinner) You Diet, I was impressed by how much space he devotes to eating foods that promote brain health. I’ve known for years that eating the right antioxidant-rich, organic foods can keep your body young and healthy. But I didn’t realize how much our diet can affect our brains.

Study Finds Fish-Oil May Guard Against Alzheimer’s

Since many of my patients and readers have entered the over 65 age bracket, or will in the near future, I always like to

Fried Meat May Raise Risk of Diabetes

Toxic chemicals found at high concentrations in fried and grilled meats may raise the risk of diabetes and dementia, researchers say. US scientists found that rodents raised on a Western-style diet rich in compounds called glycotoxins showed early signs of diabetes, along with brain changes and symptoms that are seen in Alzheimer’s disease. The findings matched what the researchers saw in a small number of older people, where those with higher levels of glycotoxins in their circulation had memory and other cognitive problems, and signs of insulin resistance, which precedes diabetes. The results are tentative, but if confirmed by other […]

Are Vegetarian Diets Healthy?

Today, many people have adopted a vegetarian diet or are considering a switch. Reasons range from disease prevention to concern for the environment. A typical vegetarian diet not only has less saturated fat and cholesterol than a meat-based one, but it also provides a number of beneficial plant polyphenols, many of which have only been recently identified. However, there are some potential deficiencies to consider as well. Below, we’ll explore the possible pitfalls and how to avert them if going “meatless” is your thing. First, Let’s Define Vegetarian A vegetarian diet technically contains no animal products, but a number of people who […]

ENERGIZE! Foods That Will Give You a Boost

At this point in the year I start to lose my enthusiasm for my New Year’s resolutions. My energy fades. Fortunately, there are foods I can turn to that will help me. What a relief! And I’m not just talking about caffeinated beverages. They will boost my energy for a short time, but I’m looking for a long-term solution. I want foods that will stimulate my metabolism, help me build muscle, and help me grow new red blood cells. The catechins in green and black tea can raise your metabolism, so even if you drink decaf tea, you will get […]

Sugar, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s: Unraveling the Truth

Recent studies have led to an interesting correlation between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. One prominent study (published online by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health) concluded that sugar consumption “correlated significantly” with diabetes, “independently of other socioeconomic, dietary and obesity prevalence changes.” In plain English, they found that the more sugar you consume and the longer you consume it, the higher your diabetes risk; and as sugar consumption drops, diabetes rates drop as well. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), the most common form, is caused by insulin resistance in peripheral tissues and is most frequently […]

Green Tea Extract Boosts Your Brain Power

Green tea is said to have many putative positive effects on health. Now, researchers at the University of Basel are reporting first evidence that green tea extract enhances the cognitive functions, in particular the working memory.

Blood Sugar, Hypertension and Your Brain

Achieving and maintaining a normal weight is always beneficial to your health, no matter what age you are.  It decreases your risk for other obesity-related diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease to name just a few.  But, if you’re middle-aged, ages 40 to 64, there’s one more reason for keeping your weight, and your blood sugar levels normal – protecting your brain health as you get older.  Let me tell you why… These 2 Numbers Can Predict Your Brain Health As You Age If you’re middle-aged and you came to me for a check-up, I would first want to […]