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Anti-Inflammatories Are the Secret Ingredients To Longevity

We hear about inflammation a lot, but what does it really mean? Put very simply, inflammation is our body’s immune system response when something is wrong, whether it’s infection, stress, or injury. Unfortunately, more studies are showing that inflammation plays a significant role in most of the diseases plaguing our society, including arthritis, heart disease, irritable bowel disorders, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes and even cancer. So what can we do to fight it? The good news is that there are many foods that calm inflammation in a variety of ways. They’re anti-inflammatories and they keep our arteries young and less […]

The Surprising Uses and Benefits of Olive Oil

Dear Health Enthusiasts, Only several years ago, olive oil was only really thought of as a specialty cooking oil you would buy in the “foreign food” section of the grocery store, mostly when you wanted to whip up a Mediterranean-type recipe that called for it.  Even I was unaware of all the health benefits of olive oil, as well as its multiple other uses, until just a short time ago. Now, I routinely recommend it to all my patients, 1-2 tablespoons daily, for all the wonderful health benefits it confers.  And that’s not all. My patients are frequently sharing with me […]

Anti-Aging Pomegranates Add Pizzazz to the Holidays

When pomegranates arrive on produce shelves, they remind me that fall is here and the holidays are upon us. Pomegranates are


Weight Loss the FoodTrients Way

Losing weight is never easy, but for many of us, it is a step toward improved health and longevity. The first thing we have to conquer is the fear of feeling hungry. Hunger tells us that we are eating fewer calories than we normally do. This is a good sign on your road to weight loss: The more comfortable we are with feeling hungry, the likelier we are to succeed at losing weight. There are many tricks we can use to reduce calories while keeping our stomachs feeling full. A recent study re-confirms the need to eat breakfast when trying […]

A Natural Beverage That Fights Aging

Doctors often need to give patients advice on their diets. I have talked with countless patients who are confused about the huge amount of information on what will keep you healthy, what will keep you thin, and what will keep you young. Furthermore, the latest news about healthy eating often changes from year to year and even month to month. To make life easier for my patients, I follow the latest research in nutrition and healthy eating. One food that consistently makes headlines has actually been around for hundreds of years. I am talking about kefir, the cultured milk beverage. This yogurt-like drink is more […]

Can We Cure Disease Through Nutrition?

Recently, doctors Alan Gaby and Jonathan Wright presented their Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice course in Phoenix, Arizona at a symposium given by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). The doctors have been teaching nutritional therapy together to other physicians since 1983. The point of the course is to provide the most current information on the use of diet, nutrients, herbs, and other natural substances in medical practice. The conference is geared toward medical practitioners, not necessarily laymen and women. But there were some tasty tidbits gleaned from the conference that are appropriate to share with everyone. For instance, […]

How to Eat for Better Sleep

        A good night’s sleep is one of the foundations of well-being. If you are battling an illness, sleep is your body’s time to repair and strengthen its defenses. If you are healthy, getting enough quality sleep helps to keep you feeling good and gives you the energy you need to tackle all the responsibilities of your busy life. One of the simplest tricks for improving sleep is modifying your diet. It couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is learn what foods help you sleep and what foods keep you from getting the rest you need. Foods […]

Natural Acid Found In Apple Peels Prevents Muscle Loss

One of the concerning issues faced by people over-age 50 is the gradual loss of muscle mass that starts to speed up past this age.  The big medical term for this muscle mass loss is sarcopenia and it only gets worse if you don’t take measures to fight it. One of these measures is a naturally occurring acid that I’d like to tell you about. Causes of Muscle Loss Did you know that people over the age of 30 begin to lose muscle mass? They can lose between 3% and 5% per decade. It speeds up after age 50 and people can lose between […]

5 Age-Fighting Power Foods

We’ve all come across a few people who look nowhere near their age—and we’d love to know their secret. In a bid to look great and keep ourselves healthy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much “stuff” out there. In order to help you make sense of what’s being sold, we decided to look at five of the more realistic and expert-backed helpful hints. 1. Stock up on wine and chocolate. Most of us have heard news about red wine being good for us in moderation—very encouraging for wine lovers! Red wine has resveratrol. According to some research, resveratrol […]