Realistic Ways To Keep Good Health

We get it: Nobody has time to hit the gym multiple times a week, pack tasty but healthy lunches every day and drink the approved amount of water (just think of all the bathroom breaks you’d need!). Unfortunately, common  problems like skipping lunch and not getting enough sleep are detrimental to your health.

Foodtrients knows your pain and is sharing tips for simple ways to stay healthy. Small steps are the key to making changes in your life, as you won’t be as inclined to cave under the pressure of an attempted major life change. Added bonus? Healthier living leads to more energy, better skin and a longer life expectancy.

1. Eat Fruits and Vegetables
We’re in a world of processed foods. Less and less of what we eat is made of fresh fruit and vegetables. We need to get back to the basics and stop eating junk. Fast food may feel like it’s saving you time, but it’s actually costing you years of your life. Put more natural food in your diet.

2. Drink More Water
About 60% of the average human’s body weight is water. Water is used to create energy, aid food digestion and maintain electrolyte equilibrium. Drinking water also helps to flush toxins from the blood stream and oxygenate your cells. The more oxygen in your cells, the better your muscles will function, and the better you will feel.

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What Do FoodTrients Do?
Ai Anti- inflammatories

Reduce inflammatory process in cells, tissues, and blood vessels, helping to slow aging and reduce risk of long-term disease.

Ao Anti- oxidant

Prevents and repairs oxidative damage to cells caused by free radicals.

IB Immunity Boosters

Support the body’s resistance to infection and strengthen immune vigilance and response.

MB Mind

Improves mood, memory, and focus.

F Disease Prevention

Reduces risk factors for common degenerative and age-related diseases.