Gluten-Free Jerkey

It’s not easy to find gluten-free snacks that are packed with protein.

While jerky certainly fits the bill, the market is dominated by jerky products that contain gluten. Those who don’t often use less than desirable ingredients and have cross-contamination issues.

That’s why we can’t wait for Think Jerky, a gluten-free jerky product featuring all natural ingredients, sustainable farming practices, and exciting, creative flavors.

Think Jerky has developed the first line of chef-crafted, artisan beef jerky. Not only is Think Jerky gluten-free, it’s also healthier than other jerky on the market, using ½ of the salt and ⅓ of the sugar that other brands use. Each 1.5oz bag of jerky contains 100 calories or less, and at least 16 grams of protein.

What we love most about Think Jerky:

All Natural

Think Jerky contains no hormones or antibiotics, and best of all, no gluten.

Sustainable Choices

Think Jerky uses pasture-raised, grass-fed and free range turkey and beef. They are also committed to supporting local family farms, sustainable farming practices and local farming businesses.

Attention to Flavor

Think Jerky reached out to 3 Michelin-star winning chefs to create their 4 unique flavors. We are especially excited about Thanksgiving: made with free-range turkey, cranberry juice, dried cranberries, cane sugar, cabernet vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, smoked paprika, thyme, sage, garlic powder and marjoram. YUM. Other flavors are Sriracha Honey, Sweet Chipotle and Ginger Orange.

Think Jerky will be sold in 1.5oz packages and will be available at high-end food retailers starting in the fall of 2015. The people behind Think Jerky have started a Kickstarter campaign to get their product off the ground and running. If you are as excited about this jerky as we are, check out the kickstarter campaign and spread the word!

By Giliah Nagar at

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