Try These Top 5 Oils for More Energy

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As the seasons change and the days get shorter again, it’s critical to assess ways to increase
energy and vitality so you can stay alert and focused. Instead of reaching for an extra cup of coffee or other types of stimulants, try a whiff of one of these energizing essential oils (or create a blend!) to wake you up and keep you going through the rest of your day.

On top of getting enough high quality sleep each night, moving your body with some physical activity daily, and eating a balanced diet to provide you with the baseline energy you need, adding some energizing essential oils can keep you feeling motivated and awake all day long. Read on to see which of these top 5 essential oils for energy may be the best fit for you.

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1. Eucalyptus

With a strong minty, camphor aroma, eucalyptus can be a great oil to use in the morning to start your day. This lung-opening scent will wake you up with its revitalizing aroma. Because it’s so often used to soothe a cold or flu, that’s the way a lot of people associate it. However, some claim that the scent of eucalyptus helps them to feel more energetic. Be sure not to diffuse eucalyptus around kids or pets, though, as it can be toxic and irritating to their skin, eyes, and lungs.

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2. Grapefruit

Light and bright, grapefruit essential oil brings out the perfectly sweet and sour flavor of this citrus fruit. Studies actually show that smelling grapefruit oil increases the activity of sympathetic nerves, increasing blood flow and blood pressure and even boosting appetite. This could be a great way to use the oil to stimulate your desire for a healthy breakfast to start the day. This oil can be diffused in your pet-free home to brighten your mood and energize the senses. Just make sure to check with your vet before diffusing this oil because it can be dangerous for pets.

Lemon essential oil

3. Lemon

Just like a freshly sliced lemon, the light citrus scent of this essential oil is refreshing and energizing, perfect for diffusing on dark mornings as a pick-me-up. Studies have actually shown that lemon oil reliably enhances a positive mood in humans that use it when compared to plain water or other essential oils. Pair lemon oil with other scents like grapefruit, lime, or sweet orange for a citrus energizing blend, or with oils like basil or mint for an herbal morning mix. Do not use this one on any skin that will be exposed to the sun, as citrus oils can make skin photo-sensitive.

Fresh peppermint and oil on wooden background

4. Peppermint and Spearmint

Whichever you prefer, oils in the mint family have been studied for boosting energy and mood. Peppermint or spearmint essential oils are perfect to help perk you up out of an afternoon slump and revitalize your work or study day. Spearmint has been shown in studies to boost learning and memory while peppermint may be able to decrease feelings of fatigue. The minty scent of both these oils is refreshing and bright. Peppermint has a higher concentration of menthol, making it more cooling while spearmint is more warming due to the higher concentration of camphor. Don’t diffuse these around your pets to keep them safe from the strong oils.

Rosemary essential oil bottle with rosemary herb bunch on wooden plate, aromatherapy herbal oil

5. Rosemary

There are several studies indicating that rosemary essential oil can be used for stimulating brain wave activity and boosting memory and learning. Rosemary essential oil has a surprisingly bright, evergreen, herbal scent. It’s actually an herb that is part of the mint family so this oil pairs well with lemon for a bright and invigorating scent to give you enough energy to push through your afternoon slump or post-work exercise routine. Because of its brain-boosting effects, consider using it before a test or big work project.

Have you used any essential oils to keep you energized throughout your day? Let us know about your experience in the comments!


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