How To ‘Rewire’ Eating Habits and Lose Weight

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LOS ANGELES, Calif (February 13, 2018) We are genetically wired to eat more and move less – the exact opposite of what health authorities advise us to do. So instead of berating yourself for struggling to lose weight or for ‘cheating’ on your diet, cut the guilt, arm yourself with this knowledge and follow Robb Wolf’s groundbreaking plan in his new book, Wired To Eat: How To Rewire Your Appetite and Lose Weight for Good.

wired to eatA cutting-edge view that goes way beyond paleo and proves that resetting your metabolism is not about which foods you eat, it’s about how your body responds to those foods. You’ll start with Wolf’s 30-Day Reset to help you restore your body’s blood sugar levels, repair your appetite, and reverse insulin resistance.

To some, a 30-day reset program may seem intimidating. Change takes a little time. It’s rare that folks establish habits overnight. Wolf believes that there needs to be a compromise between asking people to do something that may be challenging and offering a program that is more than feel-good ideas—something that actually produces results. Thirty days is short enough that most people are willing to give the program a shot, but it’s long enough that people can see profound changes in their health, appearance, and weight. These results are what will (hopefully) keep people engaged over the long haul.

There are more than 70 recipes, detailed meal plans, and shopping lists to aid you on your journey. Wolf also includes meal plans for people who suffer with autoimmune diseases, as well as advice on eating a ketogenic diet. Once you’ve completed this phase of the plan, the unique 7-Day Carb Test will help you determine what amounts and types of carbs you can tolerate.

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In the first section of the book, Wolf makes the case that if you find it hard to resist modern, super tasty food, you should not be surprised. It’s not a moral failing on your part. This tendency is part of our genetic wiring. The challenge, however, is the genetics that made us successful in the past are now working against us. We need a strategy for navigating our health in the modern world. This is where part two of the book comes in. Wolf has readers start with a 30-day reset that includes factors such as sleep, movement, community and, of course, food. The whole program focuses on our neuroregulation of appetite and how we can make that work for or against us today.

Wolf says the autoimmunity, which includes celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus just to name a few, begins in the gut. He also says that repairing intestinal permeability has halted the autoimmune process in a number of studies, and recommends watching Dr. Terry Wahls’ TED Talk, “Minding Your Mitochondria,” which has been viewed nearly 2.5 million times.

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Wolf stresses that one critical factor in combatting autoimmune diseases and others, is that you need to support your mitochondria, which generate the vast majority of the energy in your body. If all of our mitochondria were to fail, we would be dead in seconds. A healthy diet is key to providing this support, preventing dysfunction, and having the metabolic flexibility to burn fat. Wolf believes that a ketogenic diet can greatly improve autoimmune and systematic inflammatory symptoms.

Because the vast majority of people on the planet eat a primarily processed food diet, they are burning carbohydrates as their primary fuel, which has the devastating effect of shutting down the body’s ability to burn fat. This is why obesity is so prevalent, and why so many find it nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off. It also puts our body at risk and vulnerable to disease.

In Wired to Eat, Wolf shows you how to:

-Change your eating habits for good.

-Tailor your diet to fit your personal needs

-Restore your body’s natural blood sugar levels

-Kickstart your metabolism, shed weight and never put it back on

With weekly shopping lists and recipes, Wired to Eat will give you a personalized weight-loss blueprint to transform your diet, and your life.

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