New Breakthroughs in Food Apps


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a global consumer electronics

and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years. It’s the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

CES features products and companies ranging from automotive electronics to robotics and everything in between. This year’s expo featured incredible breakthroughs in the world of food and nutrition.

Here are some of our favorites that were featured at this year’s convention:


The World’s First Smart Placemat!


AEGLE Palette makes it so easy to create meals for not only yourself but also for your entire family. AEGLE Palette is the patent pending world’s 1st digital dietitian that can calculate and monitor nutrition data directly on your dining table. With Bluetooth connectivity, your and your family’s health information can be instantly viewed on your smart devices. AEGLE Palette is fashionable and can be personalized to make eating more enjoyable.

AEGLE Palette is not merely a nutrition counter. Our App includes a recipe sharing feature in the community. Now you can get inspired and learn new recipes. You can also share and post your creative recipes with friends and others.

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The Smart Bottle That Reminds You To Drink!


The Seed bottle tracks your water consumption and nudges you to drink throughout the day, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your H2O game.

Here’s how it works: A sensor placed in Seed’s cap uses Moikit’s Air-Elastic technology to measure the volume of air left in the bottle after each sip. When you’ve gone too long without a drink, the cap vibrates and displays a reminder on its LED screen.

Tapping the lid shows you the water’s temperature, and twisting it reveals your daily hydration progress.

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So Much More Than Just A Water Bottle


The HidrateSpark bottle keeps track of how much water you drink and connects to your phone. The HidrateSpark app recommends a customized water goal for you to reach each day and sends helpful reminders so you don’t fall off track. The bottle even GLOWS when you fall behind and need to drink more.

The Hidrate bottle might just be the prettiest smart bottle out there, and pretty does seem to sell water bottles. Its BPA-free Tritan body has a subtle hourglass curvature, triangular overlay and translucent color that give it an interesting look. The design also appears to offer a solid, ergonomic grip, though we can’t confirm that without holding it. It’s the type of design that is sure to pop on a shelf of dozens of water bottles, and we’re betting Hidrate would sell a few even without any smart features.

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The Nutrition You Need To Reach Your Life Goals


From afar it looks like a typical 16-oz. water bottle you’d see someone at the gym using for an after-workout protein shake. Up-close you can see that the top portion of the bottle can hold up to five small FuelPod packages.

A single FuelPod can hold as much as 25 servings and as little as one, like a Keurig cup — and are broken down into three main categories: water enhancers, vitamins and supplements. Each category has a few options to choose from and include lots of healthy options, like a daily multivitamin pod or a pre-workout protein pod.

On the outside, there’s a circular screen towards its middle with two buttons underneath. The buttons can select which FuelPod you’d like to infuse your water with. Once you’ve made your selection, with the help of a sensor inside the bottle, it automatically dispenses the correct portion for the amount of water in the bottle at that time.

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The World’s First Tailor-Made Vitamin App


Bloomizon is the first customized vitamin program, which fills the nutritional deficiencies in your diet to help you live longer, healthier and more energy every day. Thanks to an algorithm, Bloomizon determines the vitamin needs of each person, depending on its power, its physiological data and their exercise habits.

Having too much of some vitamins can cause problems in the body. It is also a waste of energy because the body will consume unnecessary amounts to transform vitamins it eventually will not need.  The Bloomizon algorithm calculates your exact personal needs vitamins.

The company is located in France and you can watch their video below:

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