Losing Weight: 8 Reasons To Try Bone Broth

bone broth

From Hollywood to New York City, bone broth is the hottest new craze in the food world. But while people know it’s trendy

, here’s the real secret: It’s also powerful medicine. In fact, bone broth is the most crucial element in a weight-loss and anti-aging program. The Bone Broth Diet by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has arrived right on time and offers insights and recipes for incorporating bone broth into your daily meal plans.


Bone broth is made by simmering animal bones (usually chicken, turkey or beef) for a long time (8-24 hours) in order to extract maximum flavor and goodness. Bone broth contains considerable health benefits over typical stock or broth.

Bone broth is packed with collagen, which turns into gelatin when you cook it — gelatin is one of the most potent gut healers on the planet. Gelatin is loaded with glycine, a powerful anti-inflammatory amino acid, and it’s rich in other healing nutrients including magnesium, proline, and arginine.

Gelatin’s gut-healing properties are important because in order to stay slim and healthy, you need to have a rock-solid gut.

 Here are eight reasons you might want to try bone broth:

  1. It fills you up—without adding pounds. Bone broth and bone-broth soups are rich, complex, hearty, and soul-satisfying. It has virtually zero carbs and few calories, so you can indulge even when you’re fasting.
  2. It’s packed with collagen. Collagen helps your body burn fat and form lean muscle mass, shaping your arms, legs, and core.
  3. It detoxifies your body. The amino acids, glycine and proline, aids your liver in removing toxins from your body.
  4. It heals your gut. Helps your digestive system by battling problems like —constipation, diarrhea, and gas. The gelatin and other nutrients in bone broth help to heal the gut, curing digestive problems and facilitate weight loss.
  5. It supplies you with easy to absorb essential minerals. Including Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
  6. It aids digestion. Bone broth is hydrophilic—it attracts and holds liquids, like digestive juices. This is another reason why it helps you digest food more efficiently.
  7. It heals your joints.  Bone broth gives you a generous supply of glucosamine, chondroitin, and other glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that help heal your joints. GAGs also help your body lay down collagen where it’s needed.
  8. It’s anti-inflammatory.  When you heal that inflammation with nutrients like those concentrated in bone broth—including anti-inflammatory proline, glycine, and arginine—your weight starts to fall off.

As a naturopathic physician and weight-loss specialist, Dr. Kellyann has helped thousands of patients achieve spectacular weight loss and more youthful-looking skin through her bone broth diet. Packed with fat-burning nutrients, skin-tightening collagen components, and gut-healing and anti-inflammatory properties, bone broth is the key to looking and feeling younger than ever before. In just 21 days, you, too, can unlock these miraculous results with Dr. Kellyann’s delicious bone broth recipes and groundbreaking mini-fasting plan.

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