Healing: Using Your Power To Get Well and Stay Well

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How Healing Works is the most comprehensive and comprehensible book on how and why people heal. It is a masterful survey of the research on the physical, psychological, and spiritual factors that help us regain and retain our health.

Drawing on 40 years of research and patient care, author Wayne Jonas, M.D. explains how 80 percent of healing occurs organically and how to activate the healing process.

bookIn How Healing Works, Dr.  Jonas lays out a revolutionary new way to approach injury, illness, and wellness. Dr. Jonas explains the biology of healing and the science behind the discovery that 80 percent of healing can be attributed to the mind-body connection and other naturally occurring processes. Jonas details how the healing process works and what we can do to facilitate our own innate ability to heal.

Dr. Jonas’s advice will change how we consume health care, enabling us to be more in control of our recovery and lasting wellness. Simple line illustrations communicate statistics and take-aways in a memorable way. Stories from Dr. Jonas’s practice and studies further illustrate his method for helping people get well and stay well after minor and major medical events.

The book is divided into three main parts:

  • Rethinking Healing— Most of what we think produces health actually does not. But there is an inherent healing capacity within us all that, when properly released, can produce remarkable recovery, health, and happiness.
  • The Dimensions of Healing—Our external physical environment affects our mind and body in ways that heal or hurt us. And that happens mostly outside our awareness. Sometimes, if we simply immerse ourselves in a healing environment, our body responds and we get better.
  • Your Healing Journey—We can unleash the power of healing and well-being in ways that humanity has never experienced before. Learn how you can access healing and curing and bring them both into your health care and your life with integrative health.

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Amplify your healing by sharing your experiences with others along the path of life. The healer and the healee share one goal and one mutually beneficial process. The healing process benefits both and all others with whom they are connected. And that, on the greater human scale, is how healing works.

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