Power Packed Fruit-Topped Chia Drink Is Delicious!


Chia seeds are packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and calcium. Adding liquid gives the seeds a consistency similar to tapioca. Almond extract and fruit lend this meal a dessert-like flavor, without any added sugar.


½ cup chia seeds
2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk
¾ tsp. almond extract
¼ tsp. ground cinnamon
5 pitted dates, finely chopped
1 cup sliced, fresh pineapple (or other fruit)
¼ cup toasted and chopped pecans
¼ cup toasted coconut flakes


1. In a medium bowl, whisk chia seeds with almond milk, extract, cinnamon and dates until incorporated. Cover, and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours. Stir well.

2. Spoon into bowls, and top with fruit, nuts and coconut. Chia pudding is best fresh but can be refrigerated for up to 3–4 days.

PER SERVING (½ cup): 330 cal, 17g fat (4g mono, 8g poly, 5g sat), 0mg chol, 65mg sodium, 43g carb (13g fiber, 27g sugars), 6g protein

This recipe and photo by Lori Eanes was provided by New Hope Network. FoodTrients is a member of the New Hope Influencer Co-op, a network of health and wellness bloggers committed to spreading more health to more people.

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