Age Beautifully Cookbook Featured on Home & Family Show


News flash! The Age Beautifully Cookbook recently appeared on the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family show and was a hit!

The Golden Door Spa’s Chef Greg Frey discussed some of his favorite pumpkins and the recipe he loves from  Age Beautifully. The segment featured Grace O’s  Stuffed Baby Pumpkins recipe. 


The Golden Door’s General Manager, Kathy Van Ness, wrote the forward to the Age Beautifully Cookbook. Grace O and the FoodTrients team hosted a panel along with Chef Greg for guests at the Golden Door last fall.

“Both FoodTrients® and the Golden Door have complementary passions and purposes regarding how to live a nutritious life. Both originally were rooted in Asian culture and now have expanded to include the best ingredients and influences from around the world,” says Van Ness.  “Being conscious of what you eat is a critical first step to aging beautifully. Grace O understands how critical this first step is, and we are delighted to support FoodTrients at the Golden Door.”

Sugar Pumpkins Make a Great Sidekick!



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