3 Ways To Beautify Yourself From the Inside


Perhaps the best example of a systemic approach to beauty is based on the microbiome—
the trillions of bacteria that make up your gastrointestinal tract. Although you may initially connect the microbiome only to gut health, science peels back the layers, revealing the power of something called the “gut-skin-brain axis.” Essentially, keeping stress in check can help balance your gut bacteria, which, according to research, supports the health of your body’s largest organ: skin. Gut health is particularly relevant when it comes to acne or eczema, which often result when gut imbalances trigger and continue to feed inflammation.

Because of the gut-skin connection, probiotics are a beauty-supplement essential, says Hart. “In addition to digestive power, the population of bacteria that make up your microbiome is incredibly influential to your skin health, weight, inflammation levels and overall beauty,” she says. Hart recommends getting probiotics from both foods and supplements. Prebiotics, too, are critical to ensuring your microbiome is functioning properly, so look for supplements that incorporate both.

Woman hands, collagen powder and smoothie.

Understanding how your body changes with age and what you can do to counteract common deficiencies is another piece of the beauty-from-within puzzle. That’s where collagen comes into play. Collagen is the protein that enables your skin to stay taut, your nails strong and your hair healthy. And because your body’s own collagen production steadily declines after age 25, supplementation is a must. “I have seen collagen peptides work incredibly well to restore hydration and resilience to skin, as well as to build stronger hair,” says Hart.

Today, you can find capsules with marine collagen or collagen from grass-fed cows, delicious collagen gummies and collagen powders to add to other beauty-boosting foods such as bone broth, which is already collagen rich. Translation: You have umpteen options for incorporating this beautifying nutrient into your diet.


Assortment of various types of superfoods

We all constantly face free radicals generated by the sun, food and environmental toxins. That’s why the role of antioxidants for optimal beauty continues to be significant. Carotenoids such as lycopene, lutein and astaxanthin, coQ10, and vitamins C and E in foods and supplements can all fend off free radicals from UV rays and other environmental toxins, protecting skin cells and reducing signs of aging.

These ingredients in skin care products give you a second strategy to fight free radicals. “Being sensitive to the season and changes in weather, you can combine creams that provide hydration with nutrients that strengthen the ability of the skin to deal with stress caused by environmental changes,” says Raz.

SOURCE: This article is posted by permission Delicious Living (and its parent company New Hope Network), a trusted voice in the natural living community for 30 years.


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