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We’ve all seen the ads on TV and in magazines—“50 is the new 30!” or “60 is the new 40!” A nice sentiment to be sure, but CEO of AARP Jo Ann Jenkins disagrees. 50 is 50, and she, for one, likes the look of it.

disrupt agingIn her national bestselling book, Disrupt Aging, Jo Ann Jenkins suggests it’s time to redefine what it means to get older. She encourages us to re-think the negative stories we tell ourselves and each other about aging. The book chronicles Jo Ann’s journey as well as those of other fearless individuals working to change what it means to age in America.

Today, despite what the birthday cards say, turning fifty marks the beginning of a new period of growth, and an extended middle age that did not exist for most of our ancestors. In 1900, life expectancy was 47. Today, it’s 78. Over half of the people born today will live to be 100.

Fifty is a time when people start embracing the idea of living longer, living better, and maintaining a balanced, vital lifestyle. The increased longevity of our population has been called “the true wealth of nations.” And the new reality of aging challenges each of us to recognize that our potential is not depleted with age any more than it is limited by youth.

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In her highly focused but down-to-earth personal style, Jo Ann provides readers practical, hands-on advice on a broad range of key issues, including:

  • Taking Control of Your Health
  • Choosing Where You Live
  • Making Your Money Last
  • Putting Your Experience to Work

Our ability to live longer, healthier lives is one of our greatest achievements  it’s time we treat it as such. This book will show readers how. You can purchase the book on Amazon.

About FoodTrients

Combining her passion for food and a lifelong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Grace O has created FoodTrients®, a unique program for optimizing wellness. Grace O is a fusion chef with a mission: to cook up recipes for sustaining a long and joyful life that are built on a foundation of anti-aging science and her work in the health care industry. Mixing foods and unique flavors culled from a lifetime of travels from Asia to Europe and America, Grace O encourages young and old to celebrate a full life that embraces diversity. Lifestyle tips, age-defying recipes, and secrets of the healing properties of food are the centerpiece of FoodTrients™–all available through cookbooks, e-newsletters, and FoodTrients.com. foodtrients.com
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Reduces risk factors for common degenerative and age-related diseases.