10 Simple Ways For You To Love Your Age

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Age–the older we get the stronger the messages become: you’re no longer attractive, you’re invisible, your health is failing, you are out of style and over the hill. But wait . . . here comes Barbara Hannah Grufferman with a book that will blast those demeaning and degrading messages to smithereens and even make you love your age!

love your ageThe book is called LOVE YOUR AGE: The Small-step Solution To a Better, Longer, Happier Life and it belongs on the nightstand of every woman who has kissed her half-century birthday goodbye.

Warm, engaging, and user-friendly, this powerful, practical guide to aging gracefully will be an indispensable resource for anyone looking to live their best life. Featuring more than a hundred easy-to-adopt “small steps” — the foundation for ingrained habits that will yield longer, happier, and healthier years — this book will help enrich your life, from health and fitness to style, work and relationships.

Packed with expert tips, myth busters, checklists, real-life anecdotes, and sage wisdom, this book will instill positive aging in every area, including health, fitness, style, work, and relationships. For the woman on the go or the new empty nester, this guide offers a fresh approach to life after 40 that will inspire, rejuvenate, and energize.

This book is all about the small choices we make—how they affect us and how we can change the results by changing our choices. Some of the suggestions will make you feel more confident. Some will make you stronger. Many will add joy to your days (and spark to your nights!). A few might even save your life. All will no doubt help you feel good about your age, whatever it is.

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From fitness goals to healthy eating to more sex to beautiful skin, this book covers a wide range of topics that help you love the person that you are.

Here are 10 small steps to sensational skin:

  1. Wear sunscreen every day—from head to toe.
  2. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and not too much caffeine or alcohol.
  3. Cleanse skin every night with a gentle soap
  4. Exfoliate your face, hands, and body at least twice a week.
  5. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
  6. Add retinoids, antioxidants, and other skin boosters to your routine.
  7. Protect skin from additional damage with proper clothing, gloves, hats, and sunglasses.
  8. Do a skin check every month and keep track of any changes you see.
  9. Visit a dermatologist once a year.
  10. Welcome the laugh lines: They’re the sign of a life well lived.

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All you need is to love yourself enough to honestly evaluate the habits you have now. Keep the ones that bring you health, stamina, energy, confidence, and joy—and change the ones that don’t.

And if you make less-than-helpful choices sometimes, don’t beat yourself up. Just summon the one habit that rules them all—self-love—and take a single small step in the only direction you want to go: forward.

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