Electromagnetic Frequencies May Offer New Ways of Healing

Bioresonance therapy

Medical technology has always fascinated me, and I love to explore new healing modalities, especially if they create no harmful side effects. I recently purchased several Scalar Energy Frequency Generators from Quantum Science Life to use at my healthcare facilities. I want to give my employees access to the healing power of these at no charge to them. My front-line workers are exposed to many harmful pathogens, and this is a very stressful time for them, so I want to give them every advantage in staying healthy.

The machines I bought create scalar energy—a subtle energy that can be harnessed to promote healing. It was first recognized by Scottish mathematician James Clark Maxwell in the mid-1800s. At the end of the 19th Century, Nicola Tesla verified its existence.

radio laboratory with electronic digital equipment

When two identical electromagnetic frequencies meet, their energies appear to be cancelled out because most measuring devices can no longer detect a frequency. But Maxwell showed that theoretically the energy still exists at the exact point in space that the energies intersected. The new energy, called scalar energy (or zero-point energy or radiant energy), has been transformed from a wave pattern to a circular pattern.

Cancer cells emit a specific frequency of electricity. The Scalar Energy Frequency Generator is programmed with 16 frequencies that kill cancer cells and disease-causing micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus without harming healthy tissue.

Abstract LCD fragment of spectrum analyzer measurement results

When the Scalar Energy Frequency Generator emits one of its 16 frequencies, electromagnetic waves are sent through the body. When those waves meet a cancer or virus or bacteria cell with the identical frequency, they explode the pathogen (much in the same way that an opera singer’s vocal frequency can shatter a crystal glass vibrating at the same frequency).

This complementary medical device is approved for personal use and compassionate care use in a clinical setting. The machine, based on one invented by Dr. Royal Rife in 1934, simply looks like a small box with a dial and a digital readout.

The machine cycles through the 16 painless Rife frequencies, sending electromagnetic waves through the patient via damp sponges on the soles of the feet, or handheld metal tubes. Patients will feel a slight buzzing due to the electromagnetic-therapeutic nature of the treatment, and they may feel their muscles twitching during a treatment session.

The intensity level of the electricity is set to the patient’s tolerance, anywhere from 0-10. A treatment session lasts 40 minutes. A full regimen consists of 30 sessions over 90 days. This protocol will cause the patient’s body to release toxins, generated by the die-off of those unhealthy cells and micro-organisms. Because of that, those undergoing this treatment will need to follow a good detox routine including drinking plenty of water and a detox tea.

This treatment should not be used by people with pacemakers, those with open wounds, or pregnant women. But everyone else, even seemingly healthy people, can benefit from using the Scalar Energy Frequency Generator. For more information on scalar energy and its history of healing, read The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes.

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