December 28, 2022

Welcome to the New FoodTrients Website

We invite you to relax and take a look around the new and improved! The FoodTrients team has been working hard to make the website easier to use and the extensive content more visible and accessible. For the last decade, Grace O and the FoodTrients team have been delivering content and cookbooks that explore the powerful anti-aging and healing benefits of food.  The site has a wealth of delicious age-defying recipes, health and wellness insights, book reviews, plenty of great resources, and guides to help you look and feel better. Grace O’s recipes are all reviewed by our nutritionist […]
November 22, 2022

You CAN Eat Your Way to Beautiful

Certain foods like melons, citrus, chile peppers, fish, and whole grains are full of foodtrients that promote beautiful skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. Watch this video to learn more, and read about the compounds that promote beauty in this story: Beauty Foods Help You Look Younger. Foodtrients recipes that promote beauty include: Strawberry-Almond Cake Stir-Fried Annatto Noodles Chaat Masala Spice Blend for Beauty Savory Spinach Blueberry Upside-Down Cake        
September 25, 2022

Anthocyanins For Your Health Video

Anthocyanins are the compounds in fruits and vegetables that turn them blue, purple, and dark red. Anthocyanins contain a host of health benefits. Watch this video and read more about them in this post. We have lots of recipes containing anthocyanins on this website and in our cookbooks such as: Blueberry Upside-Down Cake Almond Blueberry Gelatin Parfaits Prune and Walnut Bars Moringa Vegetable Soup  
July 4, 2022

Our Gourmand Award Winning Cookbook

This just in!  The Anti-Aging Dishes from Around the World cookbook has made “Best Seller” status on Amazon. We want to thank everyone who bought the E-cookbook or a hardcover copy, and we are especially grateful to everyone who also posted a review. As a result of all of those positive reviews, the cookbook has received a 4.9 out of 5 stars and the e-book is ranked #3 in Low Fat Cooking, #7 in Cancer Cookbooks, and #7 in Heart Healthy Cooking. Way to go, all of you health-minded cooks! We also received exciting news that Grace O’s new cookbook, […]
May 30, 2022

Age Beautifully with FoodTrients

As I’ve been telling my story these past few years about how I developed an anti-aging cookbook based on the food-is-medicine principle called FoodTrients, I’ve expanded my method for creating delicious, comforting recipes designed to keep you young, healthy and beautiful. It’s a lot easier than I imagined, and it’s the focus of The AGE BEAUTIFULLY COOKBOOK: Easy and Exotic Longevity Secrets from Around the World. The recipes are mainly quick and easy to make, and will introduce readers to age-defying foods and flavors from around the world, with a focus on beauty that emanates from the inside. As I […]
October 22, 2019

Weight Loss the FoodTrients Way

Losing weight is never easy, but for many of us, it is a step toward improved health and longevity. The first thing we have to conquer is the fear of feeling hungry. Hunger tells us that we are eating fewer calories than we normally do. This is a good sign on your road to weight loss: The more comfortable we are with feeling hungry, the likelier we are to succeed at losing weight. There are many tricks we can use to reduce calories while keeping our stomachs feeling full. A recent study re-confirms the need to eat breakfast when trying […]
July 14, 2016

How Do FoodTrients Work Like Medicine?

In all of my cookbooks, I have included a chart that lists the FoodTrients nutrients, their benefits, which foods are loaded with them, and their properties (anti-inflammatory) , disease preventing , etc.) along with my 9 symbols. Here are just a few examples: ALLICIN— Garlic contains the FoodTrient allicin, which is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and cancer. So if you have trouble with rashes, allergies, swelling, or atherosclerosis add garlic to your meals whenever possible.     GINGEROL – The root of the ginger plant has its own very special FoodTrient called […]
April 19, 2016

Who Inspired the Creation of FoodTrients?

My parents are really the reason I created FoodTrients. As a physician, my father had a way of looking at food as though it could heal us. He understood the value of the vitamins and minerals found in fresh foods and how those elements could improve our health.  Food like organic fruits and vegetables, wild fish, and humanely raised animals has so many good things in it: antioxidants (Ao), omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory (Ai) agents, fiber and anti-bacterial compounds. My mother is my greatest inspiration for loving to cook.  She owned a culinary school, every chance I got […]
April 12, 2016

FoodTrients Created By Hunger for a Healthier Life

After I turned 50, I had my own health issues. I have problems with my knees, which led me to struggle with my weight – working hard to lose it only to gain it back again. But believe it or not, all of the work I have done on FoodTrients and writing The Age GRACEfully Cookbook and The AGE BEAUTIFULLY Cookbook  and using FoodTrients ingredients has helped me stay healthy – my cholesterol is normal, all of my bloodwork is normal. I don’t take any medication, I strive to add FoodTrients ingredients to all my meals, which helps me maintain […]