Why I Eat Ashitaba Every Day

ASHITABA-Angelica keiskei

Ashitaba has been used for centuries for many conditions and is known as the ‘longevity herb.’ For that reason and many others, I eat some of leaves every day. I just buy the plants and keep them in pots outside, but I also like Sun Potion’s Organic Ashitaba powder, which was pretty pricey on Amazon, but there are other brands for less.  Believe it or not, I found it for much less money on Thrive.com. You can buy organic plants and seeds on Strictly Medicinal Seeds.

Why should we care about ashitaba? Ashitaba shows evidence of exhibiting anti-inflammatory (Ai) and antioxidant (Ao) effects, both great anti-aging benefits. This herb is native to Japan and though used primarily in Asia both in the diet and as a dietary supplement, is gaining popularity in the U.S. because of its promising health effects. Ashitaba leaves are consumed within the diet as food or juiced in some cultures but can also be used in powdered form or topically. I also make tea from the fresh leaves or powder. The health benefit of ashitaba is thought to be associated with vitamin and mineral levels in the plant including B vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium along with a variety of antioxidants.

ashitaba-potato-salad1There is also some evidence that ashitaba is effective for gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) and peptic ulcers because of its ability to reduce stomach secretions. Ashitaba has also been shown to exhibit anti-cancer effects, and to aid in cardiovascular health. See more on ashitaba from our FoodTrients nutritionist, Ginger Hultin, and see my Ashitaba Potato Salad that I created for my new book, The AGE GRACEFULLY Cookbook.


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